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Join us in a continent-connecting adventure around the Cambridgeshire countryside!

Sunday 14th June
10-12: Palestinian Brunch
12 - 2: Cycle to Gaza!

The Cafe Project, 22 Jesus Lane: MAP

100+ sponsored cyclists will together travel 3600km - the distance from Cambridge to Gaza – raising money to build empowering educational projects working with local NGOs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel.

Register now!

The bombing of Gaza has left educational facilities, homes and infrastructure destroyed. We are fundraising to help rebuild the lives and futures of those who have been affected. Gaza's borders remain tightly closed; even construction equipment is not permitted to cross into the Gaza strip; trade with the outside world, and likewise travel, is almost completely prohibited.

The people of Gaza and Palestine are trapped and isolated and many are reduced to poverty. While the government in Israel maintains the blockade and continues to show it’s willingness to treat the people of Gaza and the West Bank with ruthless brutality, we seek to keep these issues fresh in the minds of the people of Cambridgeshire, so that we, the people of Cambridgeshire, do not passively collude in oppression.

So come and join us on Sunday 14th June, 2009 and bring your bike!

Register here to raise money for Gaza & Palestine and to join the great Cycle to Gaza!

10 am: there will be a Palestinian-style brunch at the Café Project

Midday: 100+ cyclists will begin their journey.

Tell your friends! Get loads of sponsors! Bring your sponsors along for brunch and to wave us off or even join us in cycling along our epic cycle route!

Together let’s show our solidarity and let’s make it a great day that raises money and passion and the indefatigable spirit of the people of Gaza and Palestine.


Our focus is on long-term, sustainable projects which will make a difference to the lives of those affected by the conflict.

We want to work towards the development of a sustainable project with established NGOs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, which we can continue to contribute towards in the future, perhaps assisting in other ways; by visiting and joining project activities and by providing, for instance, teaching support or by bringing donated educational resources like books or computers.

How much?
When we first dreamt up the Cycle to Gaza event, we did so hoping to raise between £5,000 and £20,000. This means between 100 and 200 people each raising £50 to £100 in sponsorship money.

If you can get £100 worth of sponsorship money and if your friends do the same thing, this will really give us the potential to help build a great project.

But even a small amount will contribute – especially if more than 100 people take part - these organisations are working on very small budgets in the areas which we are seeking to support and so every penny will count.

Obviously, the more money, the more involved and the more imaginative the work we can support, and the greater the number of people in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel we can reach.

Where is the money going?

We are in talks with NGOs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel, in order to find out where the money we raise can be best used to promote positive sustainable projects.

As a small and participatory organisation we would like your input!


Cambridge Gaza Solidarity has set out to make links and open discussions with a number of small and large NGO’s with bases in Gaza and the West Bank, finding out about their on-going work and aspirations and about ways in which we might contribute towards this work.

Which organisations?
These organisations include the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights, Palestinian Red Crescent Society, Society Voice Foundation, the Women’s Activity Centre, and the Society In’ash El Usra. The aim of these discussions is for us to develop and/or contribute towards a small sustainable educational project working with people in Gaza and possibly also the West Bank. Click on the links to find out more!

Discussions include, for instance, working with the Palestinian Red Crescent Society to set up an English language lab for their Al-Amal community educational centre, or with the Society Voice Foundation on a project focused on enhancing women’s participation in social development.

Please join the discussion. Projects will be finalised and fully detailed on the site once we know how much money we have raised. The majority of the money raised in the Cycle to Gaza event will be go towards this educational project.


Cambridge Gaza Solidarity is also in discussions with two collaborative Israeli NGO’s working in collaboration with the Palestinian people, on imaginative, courageous, and inspirational political and educational projects. These groups are New Profile & Zochrot.

Again we envisage the development of a small educational project, this time taken to students in Israel, and supporting the on-going work of one of these organisations, both of which seek to challenge entrenched societal blind spots and biases, which continue to inhibit Israeli/Palestinian relationships. Educational work in these organisations seeks to increase awareness in Israel of life in Palestine, of the experience of the Nakbah, of the continued oppression experienced by the people of Palestine, and also of efforts within Israeli society to resist continued military oppression.

The aim of this project is to empower students through education, allowing them to think afresh and for themselves, and in the process to shift their own society from within towards one which enables a new respect, understanding and peace. A smaller proportion of the money raised from the Cycle to Gaza event will go towards this project.

If you have a preference in the use of the money you raise, you have the opportunity to say so, both in discussion on the blogspot, or by making an explicit choice in favour of one of the other funding areas on your registration form.


This event is being organised by Cambridge Gaza Solidarity, a group of students and residents who are committed to campaigning to bring aid and support to Gaza, in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the occupied territories, Israeli peace movements and other groups taking action for a similar purpose.

Direct Action
Cambridge Gaza Solidarity began with a 6 day sit-in in the Law Faculty in Cambridge to demand action from the university on six main demands, including support for education worldwide and disinvestment from the arms trade.

This action was covered in the local and national media, gaining support from students, academics, teachers' unions in Palestine, other organisations and individuals, including an early-day motion in Parliament, and prompting discussion and debate within the student body as a whole. You can read about it on the BBC, Guardian and Times websites.

Find out more here.

Dialogue and discussion about the conflict is essential in raising awareness and finding constructive ways to move forward.

We have been involved in a series of events. These include a CGS-organised panel debate 'Israel/Palestine: What Should We Do?', involvement of CGS members in a performance of Caryl Churchill's play 'Seven Jewish Children' to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestine and coordinating with other organisations around events such as talks by Israeli-refusers and Palestinian women.

We are also keen to understand and make heard the voices of those in Gaza. We have been and are in contact and dialogue with Gazan students from the beginning and recently held a video conference with students and academics from Gazan universities, talking about positive ways forwards, how to break the blockade of Gaza and how to make the voices of Gazans heard worldwide.

Watch now on youtube!!!

Video Conference Part 1

Video Conference Part 2

We have a dedicated scholarships team who are working to initiate and implement scholarships for Gazan students to come to Cambridge University.

We held a vigil in Cambridge on the 19th March outside the Guildhall, in solidarity with peace-activist Tristan Anderson, who was seriously injured by Israeli military forces during a non-violent protest against the 'separation' wall.

It was also to show solidarity with the Palestinian people who experience daily brutality and oppression at the hands of the Israeli military, and many of whose deaths go unreported and uncontested.
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